Life is too important to be taken seriously. Untitled Document
I wake up to a new day everyday. Life is full of surprises. WIth smiles and laughter, your days will become lighter, more joyous and more bearable even on those hay-wired days. Your smiling face looks much more appealing and beautiful.


things to do home alone

  • listen to your fave jam and turn up the volume (i highly recommend beyoncé, fergie and gwen stefani)
  • blog
  • think about studying but end up laying on the floor
  • sleep a bit maybe???
  • eat more
  • take ugly selfies
  • take selfies with your pets
  • pee with the door open

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Miranda Kerr for Vogue Korea - July 2013


Good Vibes HERE




Beauty or brains? 

Fuck that, it’s not a dichotomy. Let’s not act like mascara glues girls eyes so shut that they can’t read a word of Dickens or solve a trig problem. Let’s talk about how no boy has ever been asked if he’d rather get his Bachelor’s or get married; no boy has ever been told that he’s too handsome to run for office. So why cover up my tits so you can take me seriously? 

Beauty or brains? I’ll take ‘em all, thanks.

Slam fuckin’ dunk thank u

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